Who We Help - John Carey

Eight months ago I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer 4th stage. I had never heard of this particular type of cancer before so this was new to me and my family. As we struggled for answers and decisions about treatments I would continue to perform as a local musician in the Coachella Valley. Once I selected the Chemo treatment the doctor gave me the most aggressive he could administer to me because of how rapidly the Lymphocytes were growing.

During Chemotherapy I found myself very week and tired and in pain. I could not perform up to my abilities. I was contacted through a great friend of mine Bruce Fessier, he informed my wife and I that there was an organization that could be some help to us if we needed it, and yes this was great news because this was a God sent perfect timing. With the news of The Sweet Stuff Foundation paying our rent for 5 months my wife and I started crying and thanking God for such a blessing. As of two weeks ago the doctor told me that I am in REMISSION and I am so happy. I am back performing 6 nights a week in our local Coachella Valley at different nightspots.

We thank you so much for everything you've done for us and for so many people.

Thank You and God Bless.